First, We Kill All The Lawyers

A lot of what goes wrong in America today is the fault of the lawyers.

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Shooting Holes in the U.S. Constitution

Mary was angry as she waited in line at the grocery store in the rain.  Ahead, she could see the cause of the delay: some stupid older dude with long gray hair, struggling to empty his pockets into the bowl before going through the metal detector.

Where did he find jeans with pockets in the first place?!

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Submitizens II

Nicole Black’s recent article in The Daily Record may help snap me out of the funk I’ve been in since the day I wrote Submitizens.

The funk started not so much because of the rules implemented by the court — the day California courts honor the United States Constitution will be a surprising day indeed! — but rather because of the reaction of other defense attorneys to my opinions regarding the newly-implemented rules.

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