Spin Sells: The Fresno Bee’s Yellow Journalism

The front page of today’s Fresno Bee — I almost always still read the print edition — is mostly occupied with the sensational headline: “FRESNO COUNTY JAIL VIOLENCE ON THE UPSWING: Clashes blamed on realignment.”

The article then goes on to do just that: blame the clashes on realignment.

There are just a few problems, beginning with the opening.  Read more

A Jury of His Pears

No, that’s not a typo in the title. I’m paying homage to the Fresno Bee’s latest story about “juror misconduct.”

Frankly, I’m grateful that Pablo Lopez is a Fresno Bee reporter, and not a judge, lawyer, or juror on any of the cases about which he reports.

(Update 2015: The Fresno Bee frequently “disappears” stories. Some can be found in the Wayback Machine. Most cannot. Some of the¬†links from this story have failed, and have been removed.)

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