By writing this blog, I am not intending to provide anyone with legal advice regarding any particular case.  Your doctor could not diagnose an illness, let alone prescribe a course of treatment over the phone; neither can I.

The Fresno Criminal Defense blog is an only expression of my thoughts on the law, happenings relating to the law and issues pertaining to the law.

I am a member of the California State Bar and only practice in California.  Not only is each case different; each jurisdiction is different. Not surprisingly, each jurisdiction has its own variances in the law. To add to the confusion, few courts actually follow the law for their area.

For the above reasons, whatever I say about the law here may not apply to your case. So, again, don’t take what I say as advice on how your case should be handled!

If your case is in California, or in a federal court, you may contact me to discuss whether or not I will take your case.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy — and learn from! — my website.  Just remember: the most you can take away from this blog is that it may indicate I know something about the law and that I may be the attorney best suited to handle your case.