General Information

Web Contact Form

Use this web contact form to provide details regarding your case to Fresno criminal defense lawyer Rick Horowitz. Using the form allows you to include some details about your case, which Rick may utilize to check on things (such as warrants, filed charges, immigration holds, probation holds, parole holds) prior to responding via either email or phone.

Phone, Address & Maps

Use this link to obtain other contact information for Fresno criminal defense attorney Rick Horowitz. When not in the office, calls are forwarded to Rick’s cell phone. This makes him available for emergency situations involving his clients — or potential clients — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’ve just been arrested and are in need of immediate attention, this is your best option.

If Rick or someone from his office does not answer the phone, leave a message. If it is the middle of the night, Rick may not have heard the phone, or may not have been able to reach it in time to answer. Sometimes Rick is in court or in a meeting and cannot answer right away, but will check messages and return the call as quickly as possible.