Fresno Superior Court Calls Sheriff Liar

Today’s Fresno Bee headline — the paper version screamed “Sheriff’s Office under fire” on the front page above the fold — would have been funnier if it were about the Fresno Police Department.  They’re the ones who are always shooting citizens. 

At any rate, it’s about time the Fresno Superior Court recognized that the Sheriff’s Department is not above lying.  I wonder if this will carry over to greater recognition of prevarication in the courtroom by individual officers?  (Hahaha!  Sometimes I make myself laugh!)  

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Investing in Public Safety

Of late, Police Chief Jerry Dyer seems to write almost as often for the Fresno Bee as any of their regular writers.  Today, he reminds us,

Public safety is an investment, not a cost.  (Jerry Dyer, “Invest in our public safety” (December 8, 2009) The Fresno Bee, p.B5, below the fold.)

If nothing else, the article shows that Jerry Dyer has mastered The Art of Orwellian Logic.

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