Time for Judgment

Quite often on this blog and my more popular blog (Probable Cause: The Legal Blog with the Really Low Standard of Review), I write things about judges that are perhaps less than flattering.  After all, I’m usually writing about the failure to follow the law, the result-oriented judging that I too often see, and that this seems to be related to the fact that most judges are former prosecutors unable to shake off the old job and take on the new.

This entry is different.

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“Our Policy Hasn’t Changed, Mr. Horowitz”

Unfortunately, before I can tell you why I wrote this post, I have to tell you about something I was planning never to blog about.  I had hoped I would not have to write this post.

Friday’s court session made me realize I had no choice.

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Criminalizing Emotional Turmoil

Today’s Fresno Bee asks:

How should a school react when a high school student sends a text message like this:  “im gonna come to school with one of phillips guns and kill half the school ill load everyone with bullets and then shoot myself in the head right in front of u.”  (“Flawed law forces court to OK text threats” (November 3, 2009) The Fresno Bee A5.)

The headline gives the impression that the Bee laments the fact a California court failed to approve a prison sentence for a stupid heartbroken kid’s empty threats.

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