Submitizens II

Nicole Black’s recent article in The Daily Record may help snap me out of the funk I’ve been in since the day I wrote Submitizens.

The funk started not so much because of the rules implemented by the court — the day California courts honor the United States Constitution will be a surprising day indeed! — but rather because of the reaction of other defense attorneys to my opinions regarding the newly-implemented rules.

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Approaching the courthouse doors, I was puzzled to see a small line at the attorneys’ door. “That’s odd,” I thought. “There’s never a line here.” And the line wasn’t moving very fast; in fact, as I and a couple of others approached, it was clearly getting longer.

As the line moved forward and I got close enough, I felt anger rising as I realized why there was a line.

(Update 2015: Negative stories about police tend to disappear from the Internet a lot, so as you read this, you’ll see some links have been deleted.)

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