Not Enough Crime, Police Resort to Decoys

A story in yesterday’s Fresno Bee reveals the Fresno Police Department apparently has been becalmed by a serious decrease in crime.

In what looks like a move to avoid layoffs at the police department, the Fresno police have “assigned plainclothes minors to ask adults to buy them liquor at liquor stores and other sellers of alcohol over the holidays.”  (News Briefs (November 29, 2008) Fresno Bee, p. B2, col. 3.)

The police department is currently so overstaffed that they were forced to work at four establishments selling alcohol and will continue entrapment proceedings around town “to see whether adults will break the law for youths.” (Id.)

Fresno Criminal Defense attorney Rick Horowitz hopes citizens will do their part to ensure our police department does not suffer significant layoffs heading into the holiday season.

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